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Every child deserves a voice


How it started

How it Started

Our Founder Laura Styrman has an 8 year old son with a severe speech delay and through the journey of her son’s treatment and therapy, discovered a lack of modern tech in this health care segment, and getting involved in several parent support groups noticed the similar struggles in every family with a special needs child.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

We are here to support children with neurodiversity have equal opportunities to learn and grow in their own pace, and empowering their families to support their children's language, social and emotional development.

Methods used today are slow to learn or expensive

It can take 6-18 months to get a diagnosis and a therapy plan. A child might be 4 years old before getting into therapy. While the family waits, the support available is inadequate. 

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The slowness of the system cause more problems

Since there are no immediately available communication aid, the child’s problems begin to accumulate. For example tantrums, anxiety, low self-esteem, delays in social skills or lack of emotional intelligence. The Covid-19 pandemic has further complicated access to medical visits and therapy.


We are interested in the important 
years of brain development (2-6 years)

Our Team


Laura Styrman

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CEO / Founder

Designer for 20 years,

Serial entrepreneur


Jari Huomo

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CTO / Founder

Software and app developer for 10 years, entrepreneur


Anastasia Govtva

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CMO / Founder

Marketing professional for 4 years

We have a strong backup from neurologists, speech therapists, nurses, child psychologist, kindergarten teachers, UX experts and illustrators to create the best experience for children with our apps. We also have mentors in business development, and G-Group Oy is working with us as a consulting and management company.

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