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Every child

deserves a voice.

Our mission is to empower children with language or communication disorders and their caregivers by creating fun and intuitive assistive technology.

We parents know that only because a child cannot speak it doesn't mean that they haven't got anything to say.


Our story


Laura Styrman, Founder

My son is now six years old and is diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia. The app I'm developing is what I wish I had to help us when my son was two, three and four years old and still not speaking.

I wanted to create an app that each family could easily customize for their needs. An effortless tool that would help with the daily struggles and frustrations. A fun and friendly app to help the whole family. 


So the idea for Meemoi, our app to assist children struggling to express themselves verbally, was born and now available on App Store and Google Play.


How can Meemoi help you?

Mobile UI-1_2x_edited.png

Our app is easily personalized to your family and it's quick to start using.

Add your own photos so that everything your child sees in the app is familiar to them.

Add your own voice so that the voice your child hears is familiar to them.

Your child can practise expressing feelings and emotions using our emoji stickers.

Link photos together for quick access. 

You can also draw in the app instead of adding photos.

Join us!

We'll are now looking for families to beta test the application!

Sign up and we'll let you know when you can apply for early access to the app (for free!) We won't contact you for any other reason or use your email for any other purposes. 

Thanks for submitting!



For any questions or support, please fill out the form or contact by email.

Thank you for reaching out, we'll be in touch with you soon!

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